In my new workshop »CONSENT & DESIRE« you will learn how to find out what you want and how to effectively communicate it.

Some say, that consent, boundaries, clarity and ethics are limiting and restricting passion, emotions, lust and romance. I believe that it is quite the opposite! Anyone who has ever received an enthusiastic “Hell, yes!”, regarding touch or a sexual activity of any kind, knows that!

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Practice knowing what you want, learn to ask for it!
A playful and fun three-hour introduction
to consent, choice and desire.

໑ Have you ever said “YES”, but actually meant “NO”?
໑ Have you ever said “NO”, but actually wanted to say “YES”?
໑ Did you ever receive a “gift” which you didn’t want?
໑ Was it ever difficult to ask for something you longed for?
໑ Have you ever been ashamed of your desire?
໑ Have you ever been unclear and hesitant about what you wanted?

If your answer to any of these questions is “YES”, you might be interested in exploring the dynamics of consent and how to more clearly and fully express your desires. In the 3-hour experiential workshop I’m offering, you will experience why a “NO” is always a “YES” to something else; why “NO.” is a complete sentence; why consent, boundaries and clarity don’t limit and restrict passion, emotions, lust and romance, but quite the opposite! You will learn that clear and unambiguous choices can be fun, pleasurable and sexy.

I believe that only when you know what you want, can you ask for it. Only when you know what you don’t want, can you set and clearly communicate your boundaries. Only when you are able to say “NO”, can you also enthusiastically say “YES” (and visa versa).


This workshop CONSENT & DESIRE is not about some abstract moral concept—it is about exploring the dynamics of consent, noticing how consent feels in our bodies and minds, and then taking responsibility for our choices.

Questions we’ll explore:

໑ How does it feel to say “YES”?
໑ How does it feel to say “NO”?
໑ How do you notice what you want?
໑ In what circumstances and environments might it be challenging to know what you want?
໑ How easy or difficult is it to voice what you want?

We will explore the dynamics of giving and receiving with playful interactive exercises and games. We will practice how to make agreements before interacting with each other. We will learn why a felt and embodied sense of safety is essential for any human interaction.

One of the practices we will use is what I call the “Just for You Game”, also known as the “Three Minute Game” invented by Harry Faddis and used by Dr. Betty Martin as a foundation to develop her renowned The Wheel of Consent®.

The Wheel of Consent® is a model of consent based on (but not requiring) exchanges of touch. The Wheel notes the distinction between the ‘doing’ aspect of the touch dynamic—who is doing—and the ‘gift’ aspect—who it is for. The workshop follows the principles of The Wheel of Consent, but does not teach it in its entirety.

Workshop Dates

Overview Workshop Dates

Workshop nameDateCityVenueLanguage
TOUHA a SOUHLAS14.04.2020Prague (CZ)CS
TOUHA a SOUHLAS16.01.2020Prague (CZ)CS
KOLO SOUHLASU®16.05.2020Prague (CZ)EN + CS
TOUHA a SOUHLAS17.12.2019Prague (CZ)CS

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Comfortable clothing that will not restrict your movement and will make you feel good about yourself. Water bottle.


Consider all exercises and interactions during this event as an invitation. All activities are optional. You will not be required to participate in any exercises if you don’t feel like it. All choices are honored. You may choose to learn simply by observing. At this event we will remain fully clothed.

People of all sexual orientations and gender identities are welcome.

This workshop is influenced and inspired by the Wheel of Consent® as developed by Dr. Betty Martin. While I have trained with Betty and other School of Consent Facilitators on various occasions, I am not a certified Wheel of Consent® Facilitator. For more information visit:


Ondra is a Somatic Sexuality and Intimacy Coach trained by and working in the tradition of the Australian Institute of Somatic Sexology (ISS). He guides people to be more present in their bodies and minds, and supports them to make wise choices in the realm of intimacy and pleasure. He lives in Berlin and Prague. Ondra is enthusiastic about Dr. Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent® model and its contribution to help individuals in finding their voice and choice. He has taken The Wheel of Consent® for practitioners training “Like a Pro” in Belgium (2018) and hosted it in Prague (Czech Republic) one year later.

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