Individual Sessions

Where do you want to go today?

As a Somatic Sex Educator I follow a holistic and client-oriented approach. Every session starts with an intake where we discuss your intention and explore possible ways and modalities to support this intention. These include active communication between us, and can – but don’t have to – include one-way touch (from the practitioner to the client).

My clients approach me with wishes such as to bring back sensitivity of their body, to practice better communication around intimacy and their boundaries, to explore new orgasmic experiences or to learn regulate arousal and ejaculation. Sometimes we start simply by paying attention to their body and discovering what it needs. Breathing and movement exercises support this exploration.

During a session, the level and intensity of any activity is always determined by the client, who can change, adjust or pause at any time. As a practitioner, I stay fully clothed at all times.


Besides a passion for teaching sexual wellness and wisdom, I enjoy travelling and learning about
foreign cultures.

My adventures have taken me all around the world including places like the Yukon, Canadian Arctic, Iceland and Mongolia. I bicycle to remote places and skipper sailing trips on the Adriatic, Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Sea.

Following personalities and their perspectives and teachings have been significantly influential in my professional and private life:

  • Dan Millman (Peaceful Warrior’s Way),
  • Brad Blanton (Radical Honesty),
  • Betty Martin (Wheel of Consent),
    and – last but not least –
  • Joseph Kramer
    (founder of Sexological Bodywork).
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