Group Guidelines

for events facilitated by Ondra Veltruský

Inspired by the Group Guidelines of Betty Martin’s School of Consent.

Welcome to my event! The most important part of the seminar or workshop is your experience and your personal journey. There will likely be moments of surprise, joy, and challenge, as well as touching and heartfelt moments with yourself and in interaction with others. Sometimes the challenges will take center stage, sometimes the surprises. (And sometimes, the surprises will be challenging.)

I don’t aim to avoid discomfort at all costs, nor do I try to push you into anything. The workshop content is delivered slowly and gently, with room for inner integration. However, it is possible that feelings and insights may arise that could be uncomfortable. My assistants and I strive to create a space where you feel safe enough to do what you came here to do — learn and explore.

What I expect from you regarding interactions with others (the rules):

  • Confidentiality — outside the group, share only your own experiences and insights; do not share names or personal experiences of others in the group that could lead to their identification.
  • Feelings are welcome and do not need justification or explanation; respect the feelings that arise in others by allowing them to feel without trying to “fix” them or offer advice.
  • Speak from your personal experience — use ‘I’ statements (e.g., ‘I feel,’ ‘I notice,’ ‘I experience,’ etc.). This helps you become aware of your own experience and take responsibility for it. Please avoid speaking on behalf of others.
  • Respectful handling of identities — use the names and pronouns desired by individuals and respect their personal experiences in the group. Do not make assumptions about the identities of other people (e.g., gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.).
  • Group rules for exercises — clothing remains on; no genital or explicitly sexual touch.
  • Interrupt for Justice — If something is said or done that contradicts these agreements or impacts you, try to address it immediately when it happens. If disagreements arise within the group, we will try to address them within the group.

As the leader of this group, I will adhere to these rules and remind you of them when necessary. If I make mistakes, I will do my best to correct them.

I do not tolerate any form of harassment of participants or staff. Individuals who violate these rules may be excluded from the event without a refund at my discretion.

Some hints and suggestions that can support your well-being:

  • Approach with the curiosity of a beginner — even if you have prior experience with the topic, you have the opportunity to go deeper. There’s always more to learn! Everything we offer is an experiment and an opportunity for self-awareness.
  • Participation can take various forms — engage in an exercise, observe, keep a journal, take a break, decline an exercise, and change your mind at any time!
  • Practice self-awareness in how you occupy space — if it’s easy for you to engage and share, take a moment to wait; if taking up space seems challenging, practice engaging and sharing.
  • Self-care and nervous system regulation — attend to your needs for water, food, restroom, etc.; if you need something specific, can you find a way to ask for it?
  • Pay attention to what you need to stay in your ‘learning zone’ — take a break, move your body, express something in the group. Overwhelm is not necessary!