💬 How Does My Body Talk to Me?

Sára’s personal sharing about her explorations of desire, body perception, verbal expression and consent.


My somatic coaching sessions usually start with a conversation about the client’s general long-term intentions, the focus of this very session and a co-creation of a script of what particularly we intend to do. Sára expressed her curiosity to explore and practice verbal communication while staying present in her body and pleasure to make her intimate sex life even better. The bold emphases were added by me with Sára’s approval.


»Recently, I have realized the importance of touch in my life. However, I wasn’t sure if I knew what I really wanted when interacting with a loved one. And whether I would be able to ask for it in an understandable way when I did know.

I came to Ondra with the intention to try to communicate my own boundaries in connection with receiving touch and to see how my communication is reflected literally on my own skin.

Among other things, I wanted to try the touch in the intimate area, possibly with the help of a suitable tool, with the intention to awaken pleasure. I knew that Ondra’s approach to clients is very specific. It doesn’t necessarily bring the expected result instantly, but it brings a much deeper self-awareness during the process and over time.

First, Ondra told me about the rules of his approach, he asked me about my intention and personal boundaries for the session and then we proceeded to the actual somatic work. We started communicating about my desires and needs. We clarified that at the beginning the touch with my clothes on would suit me best and that I would choose the next steps depending on how I would feel. Everything was up to me! I was expressing what I wanted, Ondra followed my words.

It seems simple, but it’s not — it was very effective though! It was very intense for me and there were different feelings around it. It was not easy at all to be able to choose what I really wanted for myself and to express it clearly. It’s not much fun for a person who is unsure of themselves. Caused by old and dysfunctional patterns that I wanted to overcome, doubts and nervousness appeared in my mind.

Although I was sometimes hesitant and insecure, Ondra remained calm and professional. He was always supportive, even in the moments of my indecision and confusion. I felt that I was not being judged and I was able to relax. The session had the form of questions and answers and subsequent touches, when Ondra patiently waited for my choice and reaction.

There were no “bad” answers or reactions. In case of uncertainty we carefully clarified the details. Ondra followed my words very precisely, which allowed me to feel the response of my body and decide calmly what to do next, if anything at all. It was very interesting for me to see whether my wishes led to the originally intended reactions in my body. I felt very safe all the time because Ondra followed everything we had arranged at the beginning. However, I must say that despite having had attended many self-development courses, this was a rather unusual meeting for me.

At the beginning I was a little surprised by the session because Ondra’s work is really different. And very effective, I must say. Finally, I realised how profound it all was. I left with new perceptions of myself and I certainly intend to go on with my self-discovery sessions with Ondra.

If you don’t know what you want…
If you are unsure…
If you are missing touches and contact…
…based on my own experience I recommend meeting Ondra Veltruský.

Thank you, Ondra!

—translated from Czech

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Ondra Veltruský

Ondra is a Somatic Sexuality and Intimacy Coach trained by and working in the tradition of the Australian Institute of Somatic Sexology (ISS). He guides people to be more present in their bodies and minds, and supports them to make wise choices in the realm of intimacy and pleasure.

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