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Ondra Veltruský
sex coach & consent trainer

ondra.li ondra veltrusky 020 6301

I am a somatic (body-oriented) sexual coach. I assist people in discovering what they want to experience in the realm of sexuality and intimacy. In addition to conversations, I work with trauma-sensitive touch coaching and the conscious use of breathing, voice, and movement.

As a Certified Wheel of Consent® Facilitator, I run workshops on consent and communication nationwide in Germany.

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Free Online Info Evening
1 hr

Mon, Jul 15, 2024 (8-9pm) · DE
Tue, Sep 17, 2024 (8-9pm) · DE

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Introduction to the
Wheel of Consent®

3 hrs

Sun, Jul 21, 2024 (12-3pm) · BERLIN · DE
Mon, Sep 23, 2024 (7-10pm) · COLOGNE · DE
Thu, Sep 26, 2024 (7-10pm) · BRUSSELS · EN new
Sun, Oct 13, 2024 (12-3pm) · BERLIN · DE
Fri, Oct. 25, 2024 (7-10pm) · HAMBURG · DE

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Zeit bis zum nächsten 2½ Tages-Seminar:

Wheel of Consent® Seminar
2½ Days

Fri-Sun, July 5-7, 2024 · BERLIN · DE new

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Individual Sessions

See all your choices. Enhance your ability to feel.

Consent Workshops

Practise asking for what you want. Learn to say NO.

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