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Ondra Veltruský,
Sex Coach

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Reconnect with your body.

Choose wisely.


I guide people to access and use their body wisdom and show them how to be more present in their bodies and minds. I educate and support people to be more empowered and to see all their exciting choices when it comes to intimacy and pleasure. Instead of suggesting answers, I ask good questions…

Wheel of Consent® Workshop (2½ days)

🗓 June 16-18, 2023 · RÖSRATH (close to Cologne, Germany)

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ondra.li Wheel of Consent SEMINAR Roesrath bei Koeln Januar 2023 WR01 v01

Introduction to the
Wheel of Consent®
(3 hrs. / in German)

Currently, there are no workshop dates available. Would you like to be notified when new dates are scheduled? Please send me a short message!

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Individual Sessions

See all your choices. Enhance your ability to feel.

Consent Workshop

Practise asking for what you want. Learn to say NO.

Sailing Adventures

Recharge and reboot your body and mind at sea.

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wheel of consent

🎲 The 3 Minute Game

The ”3 Minute Game” was invented by Harry Faddis and refined by Betty Martin who used it as a foundation to develop The Wheel of Consent®.

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her sacred no the importance of feeling lost and being safe

💬 Her Sacred No—The Importance of Feeling Lost and Being Safe

A personal testimonial by M.
I am often asked to describe a “typical session”. This is not an easy task, because every client is unique and every session different. Many clients share their experiences and learnings with me, some of them agree to publish parts as testimonials. However, it is rather rare, that a client shares a whole somatic journey in such a poetic way.

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💬 How Does My Body Talk to Me?

Sára’s personal sharing about her explorations of desire, body perception, verbal expression and consent.
My somatic coaching sessions usually start with a conversation about the client’s general long-term intentions, the focus of this very session and a co-creation of a script of what particularly we intend to do. Sára expressed her curiosity to explore and practice verbal communication while staying present in her body and pleasure to make her intimate sex life even better.

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The Power of Habit—The Challenge of Choice

»Autobiography in Five Short Chapters« by Portia Nelson from the book »There’s A Hole in My Sidewalk«.
This poem beautifully describes the stages of transformation and learning in a simple and concise way. It emphasizes the importance of honest self-reflection, and the power of taking full responsibility.

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