Charity workshop for the victims of the Ukraine war 🇺🇦 🕊

Learn to know and feel your own limits while supporting people in great distress. 50% of the proceeds of my workshops »Consent & Desire« go directly to people in need in Ukraine.

After Russia’s cruel and criminal war of aggression on Ukraine, all my solidarity goes to the local people. I have decided to donate 50% of the proceeds of my workshops to the people in need in Ukraine until further notice.

Direct and trustworthy contacts of my Ukrainian friends make it possible to give these financial means directly and without bureaucratic detours to the people concerned.

Have you always been interested in the topic of consensual interaction, conscious communication and feeling your own limits? Would you like to support people in need who are currently suffering unimaginable violence? You are sincerely invited to my 3-hour introduction to the »Wheel of Consent«!

There are only workshops offered in German at this moment. Would you like to attend my workshop in English or Czech or be would you be interested in hosting one in your city? Please, get in touch!

Next workshop dates (in German):

🗓 Saturday, May 21, 2022 (19-22h) · IM NEUEN RAUM · Berlin, DE
🗓 Saturday, June 25, 2022 (11-14h) · ANANDA · Cologne, DE
🗓 Wednesday, August 3, 2022 (19-22h) · ANANDA · Cologne, DE

My charity workshop in your city?

Would you like to host this charity workshop in your city? Contact me! The language of the event can be German, English or Czech. It is possible to interpret into other languages. I have good command of Russian.


About the Author

Ondra Veltruský

Ondra Veltruský

Ondra is a Somatic Sexuality and Intimacy Coach trained by and working in the tradition of the Australian Institute of Somatic Sexology (ISS). He guides people to be more present in their bodies and minds, and supports them to make wise choices in the realm of intimacy and pleasure.

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