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Sailing Adventures

—Diese Seite wird erst nach und nach ins Deutsche übersetzt. Ich bitte um Nachsicht.—

In my Sailing Adventures project I combine the physical, social, emotional and intellectual benefits of outdoor activities with somatic embodiment practises.

Dancing with the nature’s elements awakens the aliveness of our bodies. The exposure to sun, water, and wind make us focus on ourselves.

Together we will experience and explore…

  • …the combination of intuition and practiced skill.
  • …the application of the right leverage – at the right time, at the right place.
  • …that change is inevitable.
  • …that patience is crucial.
  • …that humor is a loyal friend.

Maybe you’ll agree that these dynamics are found not only in sailing, but also in sexuality and relationships.

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Why I love sailing?

It is one of the fastest ways to let go of the mind. To leave the busy everyday life behind. To just be. With the nature’s elements. Enjoying the presence of friends. Laughter. Music. Drinks. Tasty food. Swimming before breakfast. The occasional dolphin. The occasional salt water in the face. The occasional adrenalin. Relaxation.

Sailing Impressions